Visitor Management System

Elevate Your Facility's Security and Visitor Experience

Transform your reception with our Visitor Management System, an essential component of modern facility management. 

Designed to work seamlessly with Moxogo’s comprehensive suite, this system is not just a tool—it's a complete solution that revolutionizes how you welcome and manage visitors, ensuring security and a smooth, professional check-in experience.

Adopt our Visitor Management System and redefine the standard for professional visitor handling. Elevate your facility's impression, security, and operational efficiency, starting at the front desk.

Redefine Your Welcome with Our Advanced Visitor Management System

 Seamless Entry, Enhanced Security: Elevating Visitor Experiences at Every Check-In

Effortless Check-In

Our system streamlines the visitor registration process with a user-friendly interface, allowing guests to check in quickly and efficiently. With customizable pre-registration options, you can reduce wait times and impress visitors right from the start.

Real-Time Host Notifications

Real-Time Host Notifications: Ensure immediate and discreet communication between visitors and their hosts with real-time notifications. Our system alerts hosts upon their guest's arrival, minimizing delays and facilitating a prompt welcome.

Customizable to Your Brand

Project a strong brand image with a customizable check-in interface that aligns with your corporate identity. Our system allows you to greet visitors with a professional, branded experience from the moment they enter your facility.

Enhanced Security Measures

Enhanced Security Measures: Security is paramount in today's world, and our Visitor Management System delivers. It meticulously logs every entry and exit, prints visitor badges, and keeps a secure record of all on-site activity, giving you peace of mind and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

Comprehensive Visitor Insights

Comprehensive Visitor Insights: Gain valuable insights into your visitor traffic with our robust analytics. Track peak times, visitor frequency, and other metrics to optimize your front desk operations and improve resource allocation.

Seamless Integration

As part of the Moxogo ecosystem, our Visitor Management System integrates flawlessly with other modules, providing a cohesive management experience. From scheduling to customer relations, it works in concert with your existing workflows.

Make Every Visit Count with Smart Secure Reception Management

- Enhances overall security, visitor experience, and administrative efficiency

Featured Client

A Singapore based global manufacturer of specialty glass, glass-ceramics, and other innovative materials.

Industry:  Manufacturing


  • Manual visitor log book, no pre-booking
  • Challenge in communication and tracking
  • Unprofessional labels and no report

Solution & Outcome: 

  • MoxogoVMS enable booking automation and self-checkin by guest/visitor.
  • Digitalize visitor management for better audit trails and reporting.
  • Professional , secure and ISO compliant with real-time data for critical decision making in event of emergency

"Mxgsoft provides us with centralized data that could improve decision-making, improve efficiency, and better manage resources. We feel in control of our production cost, and our inventory and can focus most of our time on product development and our continuous improvement process.

Besides, the team provides a responsive and very knowledgeable staff who are quick to respond.

We would recommend this ERP system as it has proven to be effective and efficient in managing various aspects of a business, such as finance, production, and inventory management. It also has a user-friendly interface to fit our business needs." 

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