Helpdesk Ticketing System

Elevate Your Customer Support with Our All-in-One Helpdesk Ticketing System

Streamlined Ticket Management

Experience the ease of managing support tickets with a system that organizes, categorizes, and prioritizes inquiries efficiently. Our user-friendly interface ensures that every customer interaction is logged and tracked, from initial contact to resolution.

Robust Reporting and Analytics

Make informed decisions with access to real-time data and insights. Our comprehensive analytics dashboard allows you to monitor performance metrics, track resolution times, and identify trends, enabling continuous improvement of your helpdesk operations.

Self-Service Portals

Empower your customers with self-service options. A knowledge base, FAQs, and community forums provide immediate assistance, reduce ticket volume, and enhance customer autonomy.

Scalable Solution

As your business grows, so does our Helpdesk Ticketing System. Scalable and flexible, it adapts to your expanding customer base and evolving support strategies, ensuring you're equipped to handle the future of customer service.

Automated Workflow

Harness the power of automation to assign tickets to the right agents, send timely notifications, and set deadlines. Automated responses and templates not only save time but also ensure consistent communication, allowing your team to focus on providing personalized support where it counts.

Multi-Channel Integration

Connect with customers where they are. Our system integrates seamlessly with email, live chat, and other communication channels, providing a unified platform for all customer interactions and ensuring no request goes unanswered.

Customizable to Your Needs

As your business grows, so does our Helpdesk Ticketing System. Scalable and flexible, it adapts to your expanding customer base and evolving support strategies, ensuring you're equipped to handle the future of customer service.

Advanced Ticket Categorization and Prioritization

Enhance efficiency with our system’s customizable ticketing feature. Tailor categories and priorities to align with your organizational needs, ensuring prompt attention to critical issues and optimal resource allocation across all support inquiries.

Implementing helpdesk ticketing system

Significantly streamline customer support operations, leading to faster issue resolution, better performance tracking, and enhanced customer satisfaction through effective self-service options.


Customer requests can get lost, delayed, or mishandled when managed through email or other non-centralized systems. This can lead to unsatisfied customers and a tarnished company reputation.

Support teams may struggle to prioritize issues and respond promptly without a clear view of the support queue or understanding of issue urgency, which can increase resolution times and frustrate customers.

Without a system to track and analyze support activities, it's challenging to identify bottlenecks, assess team performance, or understand customer satisfaction levels, making it difficult to improve support services.

Customers seeking help might only have access to direct contact options, like phone or email, which can be time-consuming and inefficient for both customers and support teams, especially for common issues that could be resolved through self-service.


A helpdesk ticketing solution ensures that every customer request is captured in a centralized system, assigned a unique ticket for tracking, and routed correctly to the appropriate support personnel. This leads to better organized, more responsive, and more consistent customer service.

The helpdesk ticketing system automatically categorizes, prioritizes, and assigns tickets based on predefined rules, ensuring that urgent issues are addressed first and efficiently. This improves response times and helps support teams resolve issues more quickly.

An integrated ticketing system provides robust reporting and analytics tools, allowing managers to monitor key performance indicators, such as average resolution time and customer feedback. This data is crucial for continuous improvement of the support process and team performance.

A comprehensive helpdesk ticketing solution often includes a self-service portal where customers can find information, such as FAQs and knowledge base articles, to resolve common issues on their own, freeing up support agents to focus on more complex queries and improving overall customer engagement.

Maximize Your Productivity

Create Different Teams

You can create different teams to assign tickets to, and for each team, you can create a unique email alias, which customers can contact directly.

Prioritize your Tickets

Choose different levels of priority for your tickets.

Email Alias for Dynamic Team Assign

Set default email for different teams. Your sales and support staff can use different email addresses.

Helpdesk Multiple Users

You can easily assign more than one user in tickets and assign users will be notified by email.

Helpdesk Ticket Reminder

Set and send ticket reminders at a particular date and time by email as well as a popup.

Timesheet on Tickets

Track the time spent on tickets timesheeting on them. Use a timer to record the exact time, with the possibility of having several users recording their hours at the same time on the same task/ticket. Timesheets can be displayed on the customer's portal.

Manual Timesheet in Ticket

Admins can add a manual timesheet for employees with project-task names, date times, ticket numbers, and descriptions. 

Merge Tickets

Sometimes required to merge tickets of the same client. Using this feature you can merge multiple tickets quickly.

Update Mass Ticket

You can update multiple tickets using “Mass Action”. You can update assigned to person, stage, assign multi-user & add/remove followers in multiple tickets quickly.

Helpdesk Whatsapp

You can send a helpdesk ticket directly or manually send it to the customer via WhatsApp. Sent messages will be tracked in chatter.

Dynamic Stages

You can easily define stages and set access rights for particular stages with email templates. You can define those stages in the dashboard filter and table as well.  

Helpdesk Stage Change History

With helpdesk stage history, you can find who has moved stage and when. Stage change analysis reporting where you can see all stages' history with details.

Email Conversation

Set different email templates in each stage, and then it will automatically send emails to the customer when you arrive at that particular stage.


Create Tickets via Email

Customers can easily create tickets via email. Incoming emails automatically create a ticket and depending on the email aliases they can be assigned to the corresponding teams.

Manage CRM with Helpdesk

Allows your helpdesk team to generate a lead/opportunity directly from the helpdesk ticket; vice versa they can generate a helpdesk ticket from the lead/opportunity.

Manage Purchase Order with Helpdesk

Allows your helpdesk team to generate a request for quotation/purchase order directly from the helpdesk ticket; vice versa they can generate a helpdesk ticket from the purchase order/request for quotation.

Manage Invoices with Helpdesk

Allows your helpdesk team to generate an invoice directly from the helpdesk ticket; vice versa they can generate a helpdesk ticket from the invoice.

Manage Sale Order with Helpdesk

Allows your helpdesk team to generate a quotation/sale order directly from the helpdesk ticket; vice versa they can generate a helpdesk ticket from the sale order/ quotation.

Helpdesk Support Ticket to Task

Create a task from the helpdesk support ticket and moves information, attachment, etc of the ticket to the task.

Analyze Your Work

Helpdesk SLA Policy  

Set standards for your teams by creating your own SLA policies.

Service Level Agreements can be created based on ticket issue types, tags and/or priority.

Choose between a stage to be reached, or for an SLA to applied at a specific stage.

Helpdesk Dashboard

Get a full overview of all your tickets with the helpdesk dashboard and keep track of your performance and success rate.

There are 3 different user groups: Manager, Team Leader, and User. The helpdesk manager can manage dashboard filters and data tables. 

Customer Rating

Customers can provide feedback on their customer experience in just a click by using the customer rating system.

This allows you to track their level of satisfaction as well as the rating of the team member in charge of the ticket for easy KPI tracking.

Helpdesk Portal

Helpdesk Portal Access Rights

You can define Portal Manager, Leader, and Portal User through Portal access.

Helpdesk Portal Customer

Helpdesk  portal customers can create tickets themselves . Also, chat with your helpdesk and assign teams easily.

Helpdesk Multiple Users for Portal

You can easily assign more than one portal users in tickets and assign portal users will be notified by email.

Fully Integrated

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