Omnichannel E-commerce

Elevate Your Online Retail with Moxogo

Unified Shopping Experience

Break down the barriers between physical and digital storefronts. With Moxogo, customers enjoy a frictionless journey, whether they're browsing on mobile, clicking through on desktop, or engaging in-store. Inventory, pricing, and promotions are synchronized in real-time, ensuring consistency and reducing confusion.

Real-Time Inventory Management

Say goodbye to stock discrepancies and lost sales. Our real-time inventory management system updates instantly across all channels, providing accurate stock levels to customers and staff, minimizing over-selling, and maximizing your revenue opportunities.

Streamlined Operations

From a single dashboard, manage orders, inventory, customer data, and insights. Our integrated back-office solutions simplify the complexities of multi-channel sales, so you can focus on growing your business, not juggling it.

Powerful E-commerce Capabilities

Our robust platform is built to handle the complexities of modern e-commerce. From secure checkout processes to advanced product recommendations, Moxogo equips you with the tools you need to convert browsers into loyal customers.

Personalized Customer Engagement

Leverage our advanced data analytics to gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and purchasing patterns. Moxogo enables you to deliver targeted promotions, personalized recommendations, and a tailored shopping experience that customers can’t resist.

Scalable and Flexible

Moxogo grows with you. Our flexible, scalable platform can handle peak shopping periods and an expanding product range without missing a beat. Whether you're a small boutique or a large enterprise, we provide the same level of excellence and reliability.

Implementing integrated omnichannel e-commerce

Providing a consistent customer experience, efficient inventory management, unified customer data, and streamlined return/refund processes. This leads to a more cohesive brand experience, operational efficiencies, and enhanced customer loyalty, driving overall business growth.


Customers may encounter discrepancies in product availability, pricing, and promotions when switching between channels (e.g., online store, physical store, mobile app). This inconsistency can lead to customer frustration, brand erosion, and lost sales.

Companies often struggle with maintaining an accurate view of inventory, which can result in overstocking, stockouts, and lost sales. Separate management systems for each sales channel compound these issues.

Customer data is often siloed by channel, making it challenging to understand overall customer behavior and preferences, and to provide personalized service and marketing.

Handling returns and refunds can be complicated when sales channels are not integrated. Inconsistent policies and processes can lead to customer dissatisfaction and operational inefficiencies.


An integrated omnichannel solution ensures consistency across all platforms. Customers have a seamless experience, with real-time synchronization of product information, prices, and promotions, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The solution offers centralized inventory management, providing a single view of stock levels that updates in real-time as sales are made, regardless of the channel. This accuracy prevents stockouts and overstocking, optimizes warehouse space, and ensures that sales are not missed due to inventory mismanagement.

An integrated system consolidates customer data from all touchpoints, providing a 360-degree view of the customer journey. This comprehensive insight allows for personalized marketing campaigns, product recommendations, and more tailored customer service, enhancing the customer relationship and increasing sales. 

Design Your Website

Beautiful Building blocks

Drag & drop building blocks with business features. Blocks are highly customizable, from the content to the layout. 

Enhance Blocks with Shapes

Enhance your building blocks with shapes to get stunning visual effects in a few clicks.

Dynamic Blocks

Integrate dynamic content easily to get pages tailored to your visitors; recommended blogs, next events, favourite products, etc.

Google Fonts Integration

Keep your brand assets. Load any font directly from the Google Fonts library.

Smart Color Presets

Always get the best color combination. Button and text colors automatically adapt to the background for better readability.  


Animate blocks, texts, and backgrounds with impressive effects.

Highly Customizable

You are the designer: choose among multiple layouts for each block, and customize its colors and content.

Build Your Own Library

Save building blocks and build your library of reuseable block content.

Mobile Friendly

Your website is automatically adapted to mobile devices. Choose whether or not to hide content on the mobile version.

Media Manager

Copyright-Free Pictures

Get access to millions of copyright-free, high quality, photos, videos and illustrations.

Optimized for Speed

Images get optimized automatically: resized according to where you drop them, compressed efficiently, etc.

Inline Filters & Transforms

Edit your images directly in the page, and preview the effect of filters and transformations instantly.

Enhance Images with Shapes

Add static or animated shapes on images to create modern visual effects in a few clicks.

Get More Traffic


Translations made easy with inline translation and detection of visitor language with GeoIP.

Convert Visitors into Leads

Convert visitors into leads with smart marketing tools: get visitors' data based on IP, add smart CTAs, design efficient forms, etc.

Search Engine Optimization tools

Write search engine-friendly content with the SEO Tools. Customize titles and meta tags on your pictures.

Visitors Targetted Content

Make your page content automatically adapt to your visitors' country, the Ads they come from, their industries, etc.


Run multiple websites on the same database and share products between websites.

Blog Articles

Update your website content by publishing blog articles easily .

Sell Products Online

Run Multiple Stores

Sell on multiple stores on the same database. Share products between websites.

Products Comparator

Let your visitors compare products together based on their attributes.

Product Availability

Choose to sell your products based on your stock levels. Display quantities in stock and set alerts.

Product Reviews

Let people review and rate your products by commenting .

Search Bar

Find products easily by using the integrated search bar.

Easy Checkout Process

The checkout process is straightforward. Add extra custom steps if needed.


Shoppers can add products to a wishlist. Returning customers will use it to buy their favorite items faster.

Products Variants

Create a product available in several variants, such as size, colors, or other attributes.


Create and display different pricelists according to your customer's profile.

Tax Rates

Adapt tax rates based on fiscal positions.

Digital Products

Sell digital products like eBooks on your website.


Send delivery requests directly to your suppliers.

Marketplaces Integrations (Add-on)

Sell on multiple channels by integrating your items on eBay and Amazon.

Subscriptions (Add-on)

Generate recurring revenues by selling subscription products on your website.

Maximize Revenues

Accessories & Suggested Products

Upsell your customers by suggesting complementary products during the buying process.

Abandoned carts

Trigger marketing automation on abandoned carts to convert them into orders.

Coupon & Codes

Encourage potential customers to use promo codes and coupons.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Get visitors' emails and send automated promotional actions to your customers.

Link Tracker

Add a tracking code to your URLs and measure all your marketing campaigns from the first click to the final sale.


Answer your visitors' questions instantly. Messages pop up on your backend.

Payment & Shipping

Payment Providers

Allow customers to pay with Paypal, Ingenico, Adyen, and SIPS Worldline or create your own payment methods.

Shipping Connectors

Speed up your shipment process and track your orders from Odoo with DHL, UPS, USPS, FedEx, and La Poste shipping connectors.

Calculate Shipping Costs

Get delivery costs computed automatically using Odoo's embed Delivery Method configurator.

Connect to Visitors

Realtime Dashboard

Track your visitors in real time and connect with the most interesting ones in a single click: push notification, live chat, SMS, etc.

Smart Form Builder

Create customized forms easily, and integrate them in your business flow in just a few clicks.


Let your visitors interact with each other in your forum section.

Customer Portal

Visitors get instant access to their documents such as support tickets, invoices, projects, tasks, etc.


Chat with visitors instantly with the integrated live chat tool. Use our bot to answer when you are not online.

Helpdesk Tickets

Customers can submit support tickets. Give them a follow-up from the Helpdesk app. Get ratings on your service.



The next actions to do are available on the dashboard: orders to invoice, payments to receive, shoppers to revive, etc.

Sales Data Analytics

Analyze your sales based on sold quantities and revenues or group them based on the Partner behind the sales.

Google Analytics Integration

Know your customers' behavior and get information on your acquisition channels, demographics, number of visitors, etc. 3-way Matching Payments

Customizable Graphs

Display a graph with your weekly, monthly or annual sales per product and add it to your dashboard.

Fully Integrated

All-in-one unified business application systemise and analyse your business


Streamline Sales Processes to Boost Customer Engagement and Drive Revenue Growth


Seamless Oversight of Recurring Revenue and Contractual Agreements


Streamlined Supplier Engagement and Procurement Process Management


Optimize Warehouse Operations with Intelligent Inventory Replenishment

Point of Sales

Transform Retail Transactions with Cutting-Edge, User-Friendly POS Technology


Strategically Craft, Dispatch, and Monitor the Efficacy of Email Marketing Initiatives


Coordinate, Allocate, and Evaluate Project Outcomes with Enhanced Precision



Automate Invoicing with Integrated Sales and Operational Milestones

Human Resources

Comprehensive HR Suite: Timesheets, Attendances, Leaves, Expenses, Payroll


Elevate your online marketplace with a Fully Adaptable SEO E-commerce Platform


Solutions Tailored to Your Industry

Business Management

Every Business - CRM, Sales, Productivity Booster 

Contract Subscription

CRM, Sales, Contract, Purchase, Productivity Booster

Wholesale Distribution

CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Productivity Booster

Retail Management

CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, POS, Productivity Booster

Project Management
CRM, Sales, Project, Tasks, Productivity Booster
Job Costing

CRM, Sales, Job Costing, Purchase, Inventory, Productivity Booster

Resource Planning

CRM, Resource Planning, Human Resources, Productivity Booster

Visitor Management
Contacts, Visitor Management, Productivity Booster
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