Corporate Services

Designed to streamline operations across accounting, tax, and secretarial services.

Our solution integrates essential business processes, offering advanced financial management, robust client relationship management, and real-time analytics. 

Tailored for compliance and scalability, it ensures operational efficiency, client service excellence, and data security, positioning your business for growth and success in the competitive corporate services landscape.

Transform Your Corporate Services with Advanced ERP Solutions

Seamless Integration, Unmatched Efficiency for Accounting, Tax, and Secretarial Services


Integrated Service Management

Our system is the central hub for managing your corporate services, delivering seamless integration across accounting, tax preparation, and secretarial duties. It streamlines complex workflows, ensuring that your team can deliver top-tier services with precision and compliance.

Real-Time Financial Insights

Empower your decision-making with real-time financial analytics tailored to corporate service providers. Our system provides a comprehensive view of your financial health, client portfolios, and service performance, enabling strategic planning and growth.

Collaborative Workspace

Foster a collaborative environment with tools that streamline communication within your team and with clients. Whether in the office or working remotely, our system keeps everyone connected and informed, ensuring consistent delivery of services.

Client-Centric Approach

Designed with your clients in mind, our platform enables you to provide a personalized and responsive service experience. Manage client profiles, track service delivery, and engage with clients through a single, unified interface, reinforcing the value and professionalism of your agency.

Efficient Document Management

Navigate the document-intensive nature of corporate services with ease. Our solution offers robust document management capabilities, ensuring secure storage, quick retrieval, and efficient organization of critical documents, enhancing productivity and data security.

Scalable to Your Business Needs

As your agency grows, our Corporate Services Operation System scales with you. It's built to accommodate an expanding client base, increasing transaction volumes, and new service offerings, providing you with a future-proof solution for your evolving business needs.

Redefine Excellence in Corporate Service Delivery

- where sophistication meets service. 

Corporate Service Edition

Empowering Corporate Excellence – Streamline, Succeed, Surpass


Track leads, close opportunities and get accurate forecasts

 Lead Management
 Opportunities Management
 Pipeline Management
 Customer Management
 Calendar & Meetings
 Chat, Email & WhatsApp

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Sales Management

Automate sales operations and focus on customer relationships & revenue

 Order Management
 Product / Service Management
 Pricelist Management
 Invoice Management
 Discount & Coupons
 Digital Signature

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Contract & Subscription

Elevate your sales process with an all-in-one contract, subscription, and project management

 Contract Management
 Automate Recurring Invoice
 User / Customer Portal
 Upsell on Contract
 Customer Signature on Contract
 Contract Subscription Email Notification

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Project Management

Plan, manage and track all your projects and tasks with Gantt Chart

 Project & Task Management
 Team Management
 Gantt Chart with Critical Path
 Real-Time Collaboration
 Time Tracking
 Task Analysis

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Helpdesk (Add-on)

Agile helpdesk for great customer service with Timesheet and SLA Policy

 Helpdesk Teams
 Ticket Timesheet
 Track Stage Change History
 Helpdesk SLA Policy
 User/Customer Portal with Ratings
 Ticket Reminder

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Productivity Booster

Enhanced user experience for your team, customers and suppliers

 Personalised User Interface
 Customised Dashboard
 Form Management
 Activities Management
 Customer Portal
 Notes, Reminders & Notifications 

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Featured Client

A Singapore-based business consulting firm providing one stop business solutions, full range accounting and secretarial services with incorporation of companies.

Industry:  Corporate Services and Accounting


  • Spreadsheet base CRM
  • Challenges in communication and tracking
  • Tracking and manage of bridging loan services

Solution & Outcome: 

  • MoxogoCS enable better collaboration and communication between departments.
  • Enhance data management, better workflow  compliance control and reporting.
  • Improve customer service and Increase efficiency for better tasks management

"Mxgsoft provides us with centralized data that could improve decision-making, improve efficiency, and better manage resources. We feel in control of our production cost, and our inventory and can focus most of our time on product development and our continuous improvement process.

Besides, the team provides a responsive and very knowledgeable staff who are quick to respond.

We would recommend this ERP system as it has proven to be effective and efficient in managing various aspects of a business, such as finance, production, and inventory management. It also has a user-friendly interface to fit our business needs." 

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