Sales Contract and Subscription

Seamless Integration, Streamlined Processes: Mastering Contract Efficiency

Effortless Subscription Lifecycle Management

Our system simplifies the complexity of subscription management, providing end-to-end automation from sign-up to renewal. Manage your contracts with ease, ensuring customers enjoy uninterrupted service and you capitalize on every renewal opportunity.

Customizable Contract Templates

Tailor your contracts to fit your business needs with customizable templates. Create, modify, and manage contracts that align with your offerings, giving you the flexibility to respond to market demands and customer preferences quickly.

Automated Renewal Notifications

Keep your customers engaged with automated renewal notifications, ensuring they are always in the loop about their subscription status. This proactive communication helps reduce churn and fosters long-term customer relationships.

Seamless Integration, Unmatched Support

Enjoy the benefits of a system that integrates flawlessly with Moxogo’s suite, providing a cohesive user experience. And with our dedicated support team, you can be sure that help is always available when you need it.

Streamlined Billing and Invoicing

Say goodbye to manual billing. Our platform automates the entire invoicing process, sending accurate, timely bills to your customers; you can globalize your reach without worrying about the intricacies of international billing.

Real-Time Revenue Analytics

Track your financial health with real-time analytics that provides deep insights into your recurring revenue. Monitor subscription metrics, identify growth opportunities, and make informed decisions to boost your bottom line.

Flexible Pricing and Packages

Adapt to customer needs with flexible pricing strategies and package options. Our system allows you to implement usage-based billing, one-time charges, and mixed pricing models to accommodate a wide range of customer preferences.

Customer Self-Service Portal

Elevate customer empowerment with our self-service portal feature. This integral part of the Sales Contract and Subscription Management system allows customers to manage their own subscriptions, view their billing history, and update account information at their convenience. 

Implementing sales contract and subscription management 

Streamline your billing processes, manage subscriptions effectively, gain valuable financial insights, and ensure scalability and compliance, which are crucial for successful subscription-based business models.


Companies may struggle with time-consuming, error-prone manual billing processes, especially for recurring charges. This can lead to billing errors, delayed payments, and a negative impact on cash flow. 

Tracking and managing the details of customer subscriptions can be chaotic without a centralized system, often leading to customer dissatisfaction due to mishandled account changes or renewal issues.

Without proper tools, gaining insights into recurring revenue, customer churn, and financial forecasting can be challenging, hindering strategic decision-making.

As the business grows, maintaining compliance with financial regulations and scaling billing processes to match can become overwhelming, risking non-compliance and an inability to efficiently grow the customer base.


The implementation of a dedicated management system automates the entire billing cycle, ensuring timely, accurate invoicing, reducing errors, and improving cash flow. Automated systems also handle complex billing cycles and various subscription models with ease.

A comprehensive management system provides a clear view of all customer subscriptions, including statuses, renewal dates, and payment histories. It simplifies the process of updating subscription details and automatically handles renewals, improving customer satisfaction and retention.

The solution offers robust analytics and reporting features, giving businesses critical insights into revenue patterns, churn rates, and customer lifecycle value. These insights inform strategic decisions and help identify areas for growth and improvement.

An integrated system ensures compliance with accounting standards and can scale with the business. It can handle an increasing volume of transactions and customers, and adapt to new billing models, facilitating sustainable growth.

Sales Contract Subscription and Recurring Invoice


This feature streamlines the management of sales contracts and the invoicing process for recurring subscriptions. It automates the billing cycle, ensuring timely and accurate invoicing for continuous services or subscriptions. This module is designed to reduce manual effort, enhance billing accuracy, and ensure a steady cash flow from subscription-based services.

Customer Portal

Our customer portal provides clients with easy access to their sales contracts and recurring invoices. This self-service portal enables customers to view their contract details, track invoice history, and manage their account information conveniently. It enhances transparency and customer satisfaction by empowering clients with direct access to their contractual information.

Upsell on Subscription / Contract / Recurring

Optimize revenue opportunities through strategic upselling functionalities integrated within the subscription and contract management system. This feature allows for seamless promotion of additional services or upgrades directly related to the customer's existing subscriptions, enhancing the potential for increased revenue while providing added value to the customer.

Customer Signature

This functionality adds a layer of verification and agreement to the subscription process. Customers can digitally sign contracts or subscription agreements, providing a fast, secure, and legally binding way to confirm their acceptance of the terms. This digital signature feature streamlines the contract execution process, enhancing efficiency and compliance.

Email Notification

Keep your customers informed and engaged with automated email notifications related to their contracts and subscriptions. This feature ensures customers receive timely updates about contract renewals, invoice generations, and other relevant information. It aids in maintaining open communication lines, increasing customer trust and satisfaction.

Fully Integrated

All-in-one unified business application systemise and analyse your business


Streamline Sales Processes to Boost Customer Engagement and Drive Revenue Growth


Seamless Oversight of Recurring Revenue and Contractual Agreements


Streamlined Supplier Engagement and Procurement Process Management


Optimize Warehouse Operations with Intelligent Inventory Replenishment

Point of Sales

Transform Retail Transactions with Cutting-Edge, User-Friendly POS Technology


Strategically Craft, Dispatch, and Monitor the Efficacy of Email Marketing Initiatives


Coordinate, Allocate, and Evaluate Project Outcomes with Enhanced Precision



Automate Invoicing with Integrated Sales and Operational Milestones

Human Resources

Comprehensive HR Suite: Timesheets, Attendances, Leaves, Expenses, Payroll


Elevate your online marketplace with a Fully Adaptable SEO E-commerce Platform


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